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HRP Ampoules

475.00 AED

Pharma Hermetic Hair Loss Treatment & Hair Recovery Program Ampoules Formulated to Help Curb Hair Loss & Create Healthier Fuller-Looking Hair, with Enzyme 5-Alpha Reductase & Amino Acid Complexes


30 days hair loss treatment – one ampoule HRP every 3 days – applied with a gentle massage or with dermo roller.
Post-hair loss treatment of an ampoule every 15 days is recommended for hair.
Beard maintenance– 1 ampoule per month.
Dry-hair application
We recommend doing the application at night.

Application Protocol HRP Ampoules

  • Massage the area to improve vasodilation. • Use the dermo roller 0.5 MM.
  • Apply a full ampoule in the targeted area. (hair, beard, or eyebrow).
  • Use the dermo roller 0.5 MM again.
  • Dry the hair, beard, or eyebrow carefully
  • Do not wash the hair, beard or eyebrow after the session.
  • Wait 8 hours to wash the area.
  • Avoid direct contact of sunlight after the application – at least 8 hours.
  • Avoid eye contact, if occurs, rinse with water.

2 ml

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