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Iconic Hair Care is one of the leading hair loss treatment, hair restoration and Hair Replacement Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the U. A. E.Specializing in non-surgical hair replacement, hair fixing and restoration solutions for men and women who are experiencing hair loss due to medical condition and other issues like aging, or even emotional stress.

At Iconic Hair Care, we have helped thousands of men and women suffering the devastating effects of hair loss, baldness, and thinning hair. We are dedicated to providing custom-tailored, totally undetectable, proven hair replacement solutions for men, women in a comfortable, discrete, private and respectful atmosphere.

Men Hair Replacement

With the latest technological innovations in the aesthetic world, it is quite easy to combat hair loss non-surgically. Now, you can achieve fuller and natural-looking hair on your head without undergoing the knife.

At Iconic Hair Care in DUbai, Abu Dhabi & UAE, Non-surgical hair replacement & hair fixing technique involves the strand-by-strand replacement of lost hair with new ones.

This cosmetic procedure delivers promising results to both men and women. It is the easiest and simplest way of restoring hair as no surgery, pain or scarring is involved in it.

The results are pretty undetectable and very natural natural-looking but only if you go to the right surgeon. So, look for a skilled and qualified surgeon for this type of treatment because only he can help you avoiding botched results

Hair replacement provides the flexibility to treat any area of baldness from small to big. People who have a major hair thinning or have been affected by baldness can choose this option as it does not damage your existing hair since the solution can be customized to a specific area. Hair replacement provides a convenient lifestyle solution as it need to be removed only when maintenance is required and it is comfortable to use while sleeping, taking a shower or another other activity that one would do when you had your own hair.

Women Hair Replacement

Worried about hair loss? Thought about Hair Fixing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE? To look good is to feel good. Female pattern baldness and thinning hair can be painful, devastating, and embarrassing. More women suffer from thinning hair, alopecia areata, trichotillomania and hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, medical treatments or trauma.

Iconic hair care provides non-surgical method which produces the best visible result among all the non surgical procedures, it is undetectable by sight and by touch to a certain degree. Hair replacement provides the flexibility to treat any area of baldness from small to big.

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Hair replacement is a very meticulous job to do. You have to understand each and every client’s needs with regard to their hair loss problem.
We established a company to help you find solution and give you best and most natural results with our own techniques and expertise.”


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You will be consulted and assisted by the best consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE with years of experience in the industry. Providing you excellent services and highest hair system quality that Allow you to achieve the full desired result of a full head of hair were you can sleep, shower, swim, play sports and live with it as you normally would, just as if it was your own hair
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