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Fiber Lock Set
1,250.00 AED
Hair Loss Concealing Kit Fiberboard Hair Fibers is an instant...
Fiber Lock Set & Seal Spray
95.00 AED
Fiber Lock Set & Seal Spray is designed to secure...
Hairline Optimizer
35.00 AED
The Fiberbond Hairline Optimizer is the perfect tool for a...
HRP Hair Mask
250.00 AED
Mask specially formulated for dry and damaged hair due to...
HRP Lotion
485.00 AED
Hermetic treatment in lotion format for the treatment and control...
HRP Phials
475.00 AED
Pharma Hermetic Phials 5ml. (0,1692 fl.oz)
Keratin Thickening Fibers 8 shades
145.00 AED400.00 AED
Made from 100% natural keratin fibers which help cover hair...
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